Job Hunting in the Modern World

In this day and age, job hunting seems to become more and more confusing. Job seekers are competing with each other and modern technology, and many applicants feel as if they’re swimming against the current because they feel unable to land a job.

Fortunately, increasing your chances of landing a great gig can be made simpler by making you and your resume stand out to potential employers. “How might one do that?”, you may ask.

Well, we can show you some simple yet effective tips for helping you build a standout resume, which in turn may just help you be noticed by employers at your next job.

Be teachable

A great employee is always willing to add to their existing skill set. If you have any lengths of time between jobs, then it is a great idea to build on skills that you already have or learn some new ones, while you search for a new position.

There are numerous online classes you can take, especially in the field of computers, which you can take at little or no cost to you. Take advantage of these learning opportunities and as soon as you feel ready, add them to your resume. Local libraries, and online education companies, such as Udemy, offer a variety of classes that you can take.

Look for in-demand skills for the general workplace, as well as those that seem to be gaining popularity in your field and look for ways to learn those skills. Potential employers will be impressed that you used your downtime from the workforce so wisely.

Learn how to create actionable SMART goals (Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely) that will help you learn to break down what you’d like to accomplish in your career, both in the long and short term.

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Be a giver

Give your time outside of the workplace to worthy causes and organizations.

Volunteering and donating your energy, time, and resources show that you care about your community and enjoy being part of a vision, even when you’re not necessarily being paid for it.

And you can enjoy volunteering. Choose a cause or organization that you’re passionate about. You will meet new people and try new things, and in the long run, you will gain a unique experience and perspective that will shine through when you present your curriculum vitae to your next prospective employer.

Be social

Use professional social media accounts, and keep them classy. Using professional social networking tools, such as LinkedIn, is a great way to network with other professionals in various fields and find out about recent openings.

Going to networking events or job fairs is also a great way to meet other potential employers in person. Dress professionally, but still stay genuine. If you want to find out if you’re a good fit for the work culture at a certain corporation, then being true to your personalities positive traits is a good way to determine that.

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Be image-conscious

Be genuine, but dress and behave in a professional manner. Companies view their employees as the face of their company because they are the face of the business. People who care about the way that they act and dress are less likely to do things that would reflect poorly their employers, so carry yourself with dignity and integrity.

Keep any headshots that you have posted on your online profiles or hand out with your resume professional and classy. (That vacation photo of you fishing off of the docks with a brew in hand may not be the best choice.)

While the current job market does seem to be saturated, there are ways that you can present yourself so that you stand out in a positive way. By implementing the tips we’ve mentioned above, you will be more likely to stand out as a potential employee that any corporation would be proud of.

Start your job hunt today!